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OGUK 2016: The three certainties in life: Death, taxes and decommissioning


Benjamin Franklin said only two things were certain in life − death and taxes. But according to Stephen Halliday, group president of Wood Mackenzie, a third can be added – decommissioning. Mr Halliday said the UK can defer decommissioning for as long as possible, but “it is coming” and the North Sea will be the first basin “to the line”.


OGUK 2016: Compromise key for North Sea future, industry expert says


Oil and gas majors must compromise to deliver an upturn in the sector’s fortunes, an industry analyst said yesterday. Stephen Halliday, group president of consultancy group Wood Mackenzie, said the energy industry was competitive by nature and that for serious progress to be made, the sector’s leadership had to get in a room together and collaborate. It comes days after PwC published a report saying the industry needed a “change in guard at the top” to disrupt its “we’ve always done it this way” mentality.

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Real growth in the LNG market is “post 2016”


Growth in the LNG market is not likely to happen until next year, according to new research on the current marketplace. Wood Mackenzie’s latest review of the global LNG industry found the market was characterised by weak Asian demand last year, with a year on year decline of 2%. Many LNG players are said to have shifted their focus from developing markets and have been employing new regasification capacity as a result.

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Low oil price could prove “transformative” for oil majors


Wood Mackenzie said the global decline in oil price has had a “transformative” impact on the oil majors. Analysis by Wood Mackenzie identified four key themes which will continue into the next year in terms of companies’ budgets and strategies. Tom Ellacott, head of corporate upstream analysis, said key trends for oil majors already identified included weak financial performance in the third quarter of the year, a boost in production levels, deep cost cutting and tighter allocation on limited capital.

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Wood Mac says E&P companies in Africa need to work “smarter”


Wood Mackenzie said exploration and production companies in Africa will need to bring project costs down even further and find a "smarter" way of working. The company said Africa’s host government have a key role to play in ensuring that local content requirements are reasonable and fiscal terms are competitive in order to attract investors and unlock new project sanctions. Only one third of the continent’s pre-sanction projects have been estimated as economical at less than $50 per barrel.

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Oil demand boost as threat of Grexit recedes


Oil and gas experts expect European crude demand to grow as a result of the economic agreement struck between the EU and Greece yesterday. The deal has reduced the prospect of a so-called Grexit from the eurozone. In its latest review of the market, Scottish consultancy Wood Mackenzie (WoodMac) said: “If Greece remains in the eurozone and the current crisis is contained, the outlook for Europe's oil demand is much improved over the decline seen in 2014.