The Journey: ADIL’s James Paton

ADIL's managing director James Paton
ADIL's managing director James Paton

For James Paton’s first major pitch as the leader of his own company he called in some favours.

He assembled the best and brightest he knew and stood in front of the potential client as a complete project team. There was only one catch – the only person who worked for ADIL was James.

The rest of the line-up were the favours he called in.

But the client was none the wiser, booked the work and James soon had his start-up employee roster.

The Aberdeen native’s path to entrepreneurism started with a series of cold calls and cheap hotel stays.

Supported by a shoestring budget, the father-of-four, who co-founded ADIL in 2006, drew up a target list of chief executives he was determined he meet.

He successfully persuaded the seasoned company leaders, and virtual strangers, to hear his business pitch before nabbing a few as clients.

Ten years later and ADIL boasts a turnover of £31million and employs 150 people.

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