Chevron elect Caterpillar boss to board of directors

Jim Umpleby, Caterpillar CEO
Jim Umpleby, Caterpillar CEO

Chevron Corporation has announced the election of Caterpillar CEO, Jim Umpleby, to its board of directors.

The appointment of Mr Umpleby will be effective 1 March 2018.

Mr Umpelby has previous experience of working with Caterpillar subsidiary firm Solar Turbines back in 1980.

He became group president of Caterpillar’s Energy & Transportation business segment in 2013 and assumed the role of CEO on January 1, 2017.

Michael K. Wirth, Chevron’s chairman of the board and chief executive officer: “Jim Umpleby brings valuable perspective to the Board as chief executive of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy equipment.

“[Jim] has a strong background in varied dimensions that are relevant to Chevron’s business, including international policy, heavy equipment engineering, environmental policy, and global workforce development.”