Anti-fracking protest stops lorries leaving Aberdeen yard

Protesters caused disruption at a north-east transport company yesterday amid claims trucks were delivering fracking equipment to firms in England.

The group lay on the ground at the entrance of ARR Craib in Aberdeen holding placards reading “Fracking is a dirty business” and “Stop the chain.”

Vans and other vehicles had to drive round the protesters on their way out of the site.

However, yesterday the haulage firm stressed that it had no contracts with any businesses involved in fracking.

Police were also called to the scene but said it was a “peaceful” protest which caused no wider disruption.

One of the five protesters, Scotty , said he had travelled up from Dundee to take part in the demonstration yesterday.

He said: “They are delivering fracking equipment to places like Preston New Road in England as well as Sussex and Surrey even though there is a moratorium on fracking in Scotland.

“Fracking is hugely damaging, people (living near the sites) cannot sell their homes and house prices collapse.

“We are trying to highlight the hypocrisy, if not for Scotland there would be no fracking in England.”

He added: “We have evidence the company is involved with fracking companies.”

But a spokesman for the company denied involvement with firms involved in the controversial practice.

He said: “ARR Craib Transport Ltd does not currently have any direct contracts with fracking companies.

“Our headquarters in Dyce are an administrative centre for the business and the actions of the protestors have had very limited impact on our operations or service delivery.”

Police said they were made aware of the protest on Howe Moss Drive in the Dyce area of the city and said officers had liaised with the business and protest group.

A spokeswoman said: “There is no wider disruption to other businesses or members of the public in the area.”