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New software product makes debut

Phil Murray: culture of continuous improvement

Aberdeen oil and gas technology firm Petrotechnics yesterday announced the launch of Proscient, its operational-performance and predictive-risk software platform.

It said this provided senior management in hazardous industries with the ability to reduce risk, optimise performance and drive continuous improvement across global operations.

Chief executive Phil Murray said: “Our new product is designed to provide senior management with the tools to not only address the way operations are set up across the enterprise, but to ensure and vastly improve upon how the work is executed on a day-to-day basis while providing the means to measure performance.

“It is the ideal platform for organisations to further embed a culture of continuous improvement within their operations.

“Our system turns data captured as a part of routine working into operational intelligence for decision-makers across the organisation.

“For the first time, operational leaders can start to understand the relationship between performance and risk and proactively manage the organisation to a less risky and more optimised performance.”

More than 50,000 people at 350 sites in 22 countries currently use Petrotechnics solutions.

Outwith Aberdeen, the firm has offices in Houston, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Russia.

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