Decom Offshore 2016: New technology platform could help collaboration

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Specialist decommissioning consultancy Strategic Decom has teamed with and business intelligence firm Animus to create a new technology platform – DecomIntelligence – to facilitate better collaboration in the decommissioning industry.

“Collaboration is touted as the remedy for much that ails our industry but the practicalities of developing meaningful partnerships are hugely underestimated,” said Strategic Decom managing director, Richard Heard.

“Decommissioning presents an exceptional opportunity for the brightest minds to pioneer and shape a critical international specialism. But we need the right data, at the right time, to make the right strategic decisions.”

Heard said that to date, data is stored in silos or in impenetrable spread sheets.

“Our focus has been on generating industry insight – not just gathering information.”

Peter Taylor, Animus director, said: “True collaboration demands creative thinking.

“We have taken the insight lost in tens of thousands of lines of spreadsheet data and made it visual.”

The product delivers interactive maps, searchable graphical data sheets and a technology tracker within the online application allowing engineers, asset owners, regulators and financiers to assess the data.