ABB completes decommissioning review for SSE

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The company’s engineering and consultancy group, appointed to the job after a tender process, has returned with a governance framework for SSE’s decommissioning and demolition (D&D) practice.

SSE, who currently has a frame work in place for handling large capital projects (LCP), have reviewed and identified that their D7D management needed the alter its current processes.

The review was a two phase process with the first phase taking in ABB’s methodology gleaned from their 35 year D&D career.

The second phase involved identifying documentation and developing it in accordance with SSE standards.

The framework identified by ABB will now be used on all SSE D&D projects going forward.

Matthew Capstick, account manager for ABB’s engineering and consultancy group, said: “Having delivered a range of engineering consultancy support across SSE’s power generation and gas storage assets, we have a longstanding relationship with the organisation.

“The new Decommissioning & Demolition Governance framework will provide SSE with a robust method for managing these projects that is aligned with their project requirements. This will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of project delivery, while maintaining an overall structure with which SSE are familiar.”

Simon Smith, director for decommissioning & demolition for SSE Generation Development, said: “ABB was able to bring both experience of decommissioning and demolition projects and an understanding of procedural documentation that integrated well with SSE’s established framework for major capital projects. We are now implementing the D&D framework for the Ferrybridge C coal fired power station in order to manage this critical work as safely and efficiently as possible”.