JKX blocks pair from voting in general meeting

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JKX has blocked a pair of companies from attending or voting at is general meeting.

The firm confirmed it had issued notices to both Eclairs Group and Glengary Overseas Limited.

A company spokesperson said the restrictions were enacted because the “board believes, and considers that it has reasonable cause to believe, that the information provided by Eclairs and Glengary (and their respective ultimate interest holders) in response to disclosure notices is false or materially incorrect”.

The spokesperson added: “The board considers that this action is appropriate in order to extract full and accurate information, to protect the company and its shareholders against having to make decisions in ignorance of such information and as a sanction for failure to provide full and accurate information. The board further considers that the imposition of restrictions is in the best interests of the company and its shareholders as a whole.”

Eclairs owns 27.47% of JKX’s share capital, while Glengary owns 11.42%.

JKX owns oil and gas assets in Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia and Hungary.