We have made a difference in a short time

Sir Ian Wood
Sir Ian Wood
Opinion by Sir Ian WoodOpportunity North East

Achieving the regional economic renaissance is the challenge that is now uniting us across north-east Scotland.

One’s action and investment has engaged more than 500 companies in growth activity thus far and is delivering more than £400 million of transformational projects in our key sectors, with more in development. We have made a real difference to the region’s economic prospects in a short time.

One’s strength is the very committed and talented people involved in its main and sector boards and management team, led by Jennifer Craw and Maggie McGinlay.

This leadership and industry and economic development experience means that One quickly translates opportunities into action. Each sector has a strong ambition, action plan and resources to make things happen, which is increasingly engaging the business community, education and research institutes, and the public sector.

We recognise the economic challenge we have to make the most of our regional assets.

People who come to the city and region to work generally love it. We’re a very enterprising region, outward looking and cosmopolitan, with good potential growth industries. We have stunningly beautiful countryside and a fantastic coastline, which offer a host of activities and opportunities to residents and visitors.

If we get the innovation and internationalisation piece right and continue to work with groups of ambitious businesses and help them to grow faster, our region will be one of the most competitive and attractive locations in the UK to live, work or grow a business. We’ve made really good progress in three years and are still only about a third of the way through the first 10 years of the regional renaissance strategy.

The private sector has demonstrated its commitment to the future prosperity of the north-east and that is already making a difference.