Total evacuates staff from Yemen

A soldier conducts inquiries at a Yemeni checkpoint. Pic: AP
Conflict in Yemen has continued to spiral

Total has evacuated all expatriate staff from Saana and Kharir in Yemen.

The French oil major said its operations on Yemen’s Block 10 have also been reduced , with gas production maintained only for local power generation and supply to nearby communities.

It comes after disruption in the region following an overnight military raid by Saudi-led forces against Houthi forces.

A spokeswoman said: “All necessary measures are in place in order to ensure maximum security conditions for the people remaining.”

“As a shareholder of YLNG (Yemen LNG), we know that the staff number on site (local and expatriate) has been reduced to the minimum necessary and the security measures continue to be maintained at maximum level. “

The plant in Balhaf lies about 400 kilometers east along the coast from Aden.