Arctic wind turbine now in development

A FINNISH firm which brought wind turbines to the icy region better know for its tourism links to Father Christmas, now has its sights set on the Arctic.

Winwind says it is investing eight million euros into developing a three megawatt wind turbine which could withstand the freezing temperatures of the Arctic, but also mountainous areas of central Europe. It has already shown its ability to deal with freezing temperatures after building a wind farm at Uljabuouda, Swedish Lapland.

Antti Laakso, marketing director at Winwind, said the first commercial Arctic turbines were planned to be available by the end of 2012.

“In the cold climate areas of the north, wind power is utilised very little compared to its rich potential”, said Jarkko Vainamo, director in charge of the development project.

The firm hopes the research will put it at the forefront of cold climate wind.