Scotrenewables hits high water mark with new tidal industry record

The SR2000
The SR2000

Scotrenewables claim to have reached a tidal industry record.

The firm has generated over 18MWh within a continuous 24hr testing period of its SR2000 turbine.

This is said to be a performance level which matches established offshore wind turbines.

Scotrenewables chief executive, Andrew Scott, said: “Recognising we are still in the early stages of our demonstration programme this is a tremendously reassuring level of performance to be achieving, one which provides further confidence in our technology’s ability to deliver a significant step reduction in the cost of energy from tidal stream and meet our future customers’ needs.”

The 2MW SR2000 is undergoing a comprehensive, grid connected, test programme at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney.

Testing is focused on demonstrating power and hydrodynamic performance of the patented floating turbine technology in parallel with a low cost maintenance and vessel strategy.

The SR2000 was conservatively engineered and built with a 16m rotor diameter for each of its 1MW turbines.

Improvements include increasing diameters to 20m with composite blades developed with project partners EireComposites.

This step alone is projected to increase annual yield from turbines by over 50%.