Victoria subsidiary completes African work earlier than expected

Super-drillship Ocean Poseidon off East Africa
Super-drillship Ocean Poseidon off East Africa

Victoria Oil and Gas (VOG) says wholly-owned subsidiary Gaz du Cameroun (GDC) has issued completion certificates to ENEO Cameroon, Cameroon’s power utility company, for all pipeline construction work and pressure reduction and metering facilities at two power stations in the port-city of Douala.

The work has been completed ahead of the scheduled March 15 target date and GDC is ready to connect to the gas-fired electricity generations sets that are being installed by equipment partner Altaaqa Alternative Solutions Projects.

VOG executive chairman Kevin Foo said: “I am very pleased to announce GDC has completed construction of the gas pipelines and metering plant to the Logbaba and Bassa Power Stations ahead of schedule.

“This is a significant milestone for us and represents the final step prior to actual delivery of gas to the power stations.

“We look forward to the installation of the Gensets by Altaaqa and being online by the end of the month.”

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