‘Catastrophic’ damage at oil terminal following armed assault

The Ras Lanuf terminal
The Ras Lanuf terminal

Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) has reported a “catastrophic” damage at an oil terminal after an armed assault.

400,000barrels of oil have been lost from the Ras Lanuf port terminal following an explosion which destroyed two storage tanks.

Last Thursday an armed militia attacked the facility.

The NOC said one employee was shot in the incident but all workers were safely evacuated.

The Associated Press reports that the country’s national army has now regained control of the terminal.

NOC issued a statement, which said: “This incident will result in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in construction costs, and billions in lost sales opportunities.

“Rebuilding the tanks may take years, especially in current security circumstances. NOC applauds the heroes whom risking their lives to save the livelihood of the Libyan people.”