Libya tots up oil earnings


While high-level meetings continue in trying to bring some sort of resolution to Libya’s conflict, the National Oil Corp. (NOC) has continued producing hydrocarbons and its commitment to transparency.


NOC swings at eastern competition


Libya’s National Oil Corp. (NOC) is fighting a rearguard action to secure the company’s unity, following the establishment of a rival board of directors for the Brega Petroleum Marketing Co. (BPMC).

Health & Safety

NOC engineer shot dead in Iraq


A senior official working for Iraq’s North Oil Company (NOC) has been shot dead – just a month after his predecessor at the state-run firm was killed. The chief engineer, Saad Ali Hussain, had been driving to his office in the city of Kirkuk when he was attacked.

Oil & Gas

Lukoil sells 20% NOC stake to Rosneft


Lukoil has sold its 20% stake in NOC (National Oil Consortium) to Rosneft. NOC was established by Russian oil companies in 2008 as part of the Russian-Venezuelan economic promotion. In 2010, the NOC and Venezuelan company PDVSA registered a joint venture, PetroMiranda, to develop the Junin-6 block in the Orinoco heavy-oil belt.