Shell’s North Sea Shearwater to be shut-in for weeks

Shell's Shearwater platform
Shell's Shearwater platform

A Shell spokesman confirmed its Shearwater platform could be shut-in for weeks as it tries to resolve an issue with the HPHT well.

The firm was forced to shut down production earlier this month after drilling activity triggered an alarm. The oil major evacuated all non-essential staff after the incident.

The oil major was thought to be drilling an exploration well when the alarm sounded.

The platform may remain shut for several weeks as the company tries to resolve the problem. “Remedial work” is expected to begin within days.

“Only essential personnel remain on the platform,” the spokesman added.

Shearwater is located in the Central North Sea about 140 miles east of Aberdeen.

It is classed as a Process, Utilities and Quarters (PUQ) platform, which is bridge linked to a Wellhead (WH) Platform. The Shearwater field is a high pressure, high temperature (HP/HT) reservoir. Gas is piped via the SEAL pipeline to Bacton. Oil is piped through the GAEL pipeline in toe the Forties pipeline and then onto Cruden Bay and Grangemouth.