Show me the money (again)

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Opinion by Howard JohnsonManaging director, Blaze Manufacturing Solutions

Spring has finally sprung, bringing with it some renewed vigour across all markets and especially in oil and gas.

We have been quoting for an abundance of new activity in the oil and gas sector, a market that is hungry for innovation and alternative, cost-effective solutions to problems that some of the operators are facing.

This is where original equipment manufacturers can gain a bit of traction through investing in research and development. During the downturn, many companies pared back their activity in research and development as they attempted to make their operations as lean as possible, not realising the crucial role that it plays in the sustainability of their business. Research and development provides a platform for creativity and innovation to flourish, often born from the need to solve a particular problem.

We decided to invest heavily in research and development, pursuing new markets and developing new products.
As a result of the time, energy and financial outlay we have ploughed into innovation, spring 2018 has seen us launch new products into the Blaze family offering. One of these is a product that will not only improve safety for both personnel and plant but will also bring cost savings to the client.

For operators with deluge systems, it has long been an issue that deluge nozzles can get blocked with corrosion debris and marine life in the pipework, which can cause the system to fail under testing or in a fire situation. To solve this problem, we have developed Filter-Flo, an attachment for deluge nozzles, helping to filter the debris out of firewater, improving safety and ensuring maximum efficiency of the deluge system.

It attaches to the deluge nozzle, filtering debris out of the firewater before it passes through, using a unique honeycomb pattern which efficiently uses the surface area. The corrosion-resistant, elongated design of Filter-Flo means that the filter can sit above the debris, allowing water to pass down to the nozzle more effectively, filtering the water on the larger surface area without hydraulic pressure loss.

Blaze will offer this innovative solution to the client completely free of charge as part of a deluge maintenance plan.

We are already seeing big interest in this product as operators look for more efficient yet economical ways to improve the safety and effectiveness of their assets.
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said that ‘frugality drives innovation just like other constraints do. One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out’.

I would like to think we at Blaze have taken that a step further – driving innovation to convert problems into opportunities to improve and make more efficient and cost-effective systems and practices.

And then we can all perhaps make a bit of money again.