Seacroft working to prevent rigs and vessels colliding

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An Aberdeen-based marine and offshore consultancy and safety firm said today that its new programme is helping prevent collisions between oil platforms and nearby supply vessels.

Seacroft Marine Consultants – which is based at the historic Roundhouse, a former navigation centre on Aberdeen’s Pocra Quay – created SafeZone 500 partly because of the UK Health and Safety Executive’s focus on the hazard.

Seacroft said two operators had managed to resolve HSE enforcement notices regarding control over vessels in the 500metre exclusion zone by adopting the programme − which imposes a set of procedures, check lists and communications protocols.

The training which forms part of SafeZone 500 has been delivered to about 600 people on installations and vessels across the sector.

Seacroft technical director Michael Cowlam said: “Operating companies can choose to develop their own bespoke solutions, but that is costly.

“Seacroft’s SafeZone 500 programme is an innovative, ready-to-use, cost-efficient suite of tools which clients can adopt, assuring their ability to demonstrate compliance to the HSE.

“SafeZone 500 offers one way of achieving and demonstrating compliance with the UK HSE’s regulations – and of doing so cost-efficiently.”