Aberdeen IT firm to end spreadsheet misery

Scott Petrie
Scott Petrie

Aberdeen IT consultancy Analysis Logic has joined a collaborative venture to help design new tool aimed at saving oil and gas companies time and money.

The firm has been appointed by international well engineering project management company Petrostars to guide development of the software package for geotechnical projects.

The initial stage of the project to develop the package is expected to take six months.

Analysis Logic’s managing director Scott Petrie, who set the firm up in 2014, said:  “It’s our aim to have a tool that answers questions about the safety, performance and environmental risks of these industries with an audit trail that cannot be refuted but also allows engineers to become more effective with their technical work.

“There are currently several commercial applications that are dated in their approach, very expensive, inflexible and difficult to use.

“Practitioners in the field often use spreadsheets of their own creation, which may be technically correct but are time-consuming, prone to accidental error and undermine data management, consistency and knowledge sharing. However, there is a tendency to rely on these because of the issues with the software applications.”

PetroStars chief executive Phil Bailey added:  “Our new software will essentially bring the functionality that geoscientists and engineers need in an accessible contemporary form at a more reasonable price point than its competitors to suit the industry.”