OGTC ready to invest £2m more in latest ‘calls for ideas’

The Oil and Gas Technology Centre
The Oil and Gas Technology Centre

The Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) is ready to provide a further boost to the North Sea by investing another £2million through its latest “calls for ideas”.

OGTC said the first “call” was aimed at supporting developers of digital analytics techniques which can quickly assess oil well data, leading to new discoveries and extending field life.

The second focuses on technology which can create flexibility in how and when facilities are decommissioned.

The organisation said the upkeep of power generation and utilities equipment on installations during decommissioning is costly and inefficient.

OGTC is on the lookout for cleaner, cheaper solutions.

The centre is prepared to invest up to £1million in each “call”.

The closing dates for submissions are on January 26 for digital ideas, and February 16 for decommissioning.

OGTC officially opened in February with £180million worth of backing from the Aberdeen City Region Deal.

It has already approved investment of more than £19million in 30 projects to speed up the deployment of technologies which can make the North Sea more competitive.

Steve Roberts, digital transformation solution centre advisor, said “sophisticated analytics techniques” could help identify remaining oil and gas accumulations and extend field life.

Mr Roberts said: “There are significant volumes of industry data collected during oil and gas exploration and production, but they are often held in different formats and are of variable age and quality.

“A digital solution could extract key information from these difficult to analyse data sets and the results could be a key input to end of field life and area plan decisions.”

Susi Wiseman, decommissioning solution centre project manager, said: “Companies in the oil and gas industry have identified recurring difficulties with life support systems in recent and current decommissioning programmes resulting in low flexibility, lost time, cost overruns and inconvenience to offshore teams.

“Alternative life support systems could help to significantly reduce the cost of decommissioning, and improve efficiency and productivity.”