WATCH: Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm developer to blow up mines in North Sea

Vattenfall, the developers of the Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm, announced this week that it is “hunting season” for sea mines.

The Swedish wind farm developer confirmed it will be sending a ship to investigate suspected unexploded mines lurking at the bottom of the North and Baltic seas.

The investigation will be in preparation for clearance before Vattenfall begins putting down foundations for the Nord and Kriegers Flak offshore wind farms.

Dorthe Reng Erbs, Vattenfall’s senior geophysicist, said: “The work to find potential mines is currently out to tender, and we’re hoping to be in a position to get going in August.”

Erbs explains that most of the items likely to come to light will be metal waste such as anchor chains, wires and perhaps the odd radiator or bicycle.

She added: “At this stage however, one cannot say for sure whether there will be explosive remnants amongst the metal objects”.