Penelope Warne


Decommissioning: turning trash into treasure


As decommissioning becomes a significant part of activity on the UK Continental Shelf, more businesses are taking the opportunity to expand their existing offerings to include decommissioning-related services.


CMS: Courting the old chestnuts


Notwithstanding a degree of stability during 2017, the “lower for longer” oil price continues to affect the industry, and while these pressures can be positive, forcing efficiencies and stimulating innovation, they also bring challenges, and at times disputes.


Opinion: What you need to know about the IP of subsea technology


Innovation has always been key to the oil & gas industry and recent years have seen some exciting developments, particularly in subsea technology. For example, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) . . . independent robotic, programmable vehicles . . . have highly advanced capabilities so they may be more cost effective than alternatives, or allow access to previously unreachable areas.