WATCH: Aberdeen harbour quays granted iconic Scottish titles

The new quays at Aberdeen’s £350million South Harbour will be named after some of the most iconic castles in Scotland.

Three of the quays will be named Balmoral, Dunnottar and Crathes and the fourth will be named Castlegate after the city centre area of Aberdeen.

The royal family, north-east dignitaries and organisations have all backed the move which highlights the history and heritage of the north-east region.

Construction commenced on the major new harbour project last year and is due for completion in May 2020.

It is hoped the improvements will attract cruise ships to the port and will make the harbour more suitable for decommissioning projects.

Aberdeen Harbour Board external relations director, Chris Bain said: “We are delighted to announce the names of our new quays.

“Aberdeen and the north-east of Scotland has so much to offer visitors and Balmoral, Dunnottar and Crathes are known nationally and internationally.

“We also wanted to highlight Aberdeen city’s rich history through the use of the Castlegate name.”

The 400 metre long east quay will be named Dunottar Quay and the south side will be called Crathes.

Balmoral Quay, the west quay, will be 300 metres long and Castlegate Quay, the north quay, will be 540 metres long.

George Pearson, whose family own Dunnottar Castle, said: “Dunnottar Castle is delighted to be associated with this exciting new development in Aberdeen.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the tourism industry and is sure to bring benefits not just for Aberdeen, but for Aberdeenshire and the north-east of Scotland.”

The development will create new facilities at Nigg Bay, south of the existing harbour.

Visit Aberdeenshire chief executive Chris Foy said: “Naming the new quays of the harbour after four of the north-east’s most famous locations is a fitting acknowledgement of the rich and fascinating history which attracts many visitors to the destination to experience these impressive fortresses and sights.“