Realising MOFs’ potential

It can be difficult to imagine how science at the microscopic level is capable of making a profound impact on the world, especially when it involves new ‘wonder materials’ that are unfamiliar to us. Yet the super-adsorbing qualities of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) look set to do just that, with many touting them as the solution to some of humanity’s most pressing challenges.

Other News

New porous liquid ‘could help with carbon capture process’

A new porous liquid which can dissolve large amounts of gas has been developed by scientists in Belfast. Hailed as a major breakthrough, the development could help factories and power plants cut the amount of harmful emissions being released into the atmosphere. Professor Stuart James from Queen’s University school of chemistry and chemical engineering said: “Materials which contain permanent holes, or pores, are technologically important. They are used for manufacturing a range of products from plastic bottles to petrol. However, until recently, these porous materials have been solids.