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Opinion: Remembering Piper Alpha


As an apprentice at Dounreay back in July 1988, I remember very clearly travelling the 22 miles from Thurso across the far north east corner of Scotland to Wick, to look out to sea.


Opinion: Les Linklater – Saving money now may cost us more in the future


Sadly, there has been political talk and expert commentary that safety will suffer as a result of the industry’s current ‘crisis’. And that we shouldn't be under any illusions that we don’t need to make some difficult decisions. So where does safety sit in the unholy trinity of safety, cost and production? Firstly, we need to look at what we say and what we do.

Health & Safety

Industry safety group reveals measurement strategy for helicopter passengers


Industry group Step Change in Safety has revealed its measurement strategy for helicopter passengers travelling to and from offshore installations. The move comes after Step Change announced last year that passengers will be measured by the width of their shoulders for flights. Those whose shoulders measure greater than 22inches (55.9cm) will be classified as extra broad.