Surge in demand for data science set to continue into the new decade

It’s fair to say that 2019 ended on a note of political and economic turmoil. But while the global oil and gas industry will face a number of uncertainties over the coming months, there is one trend I can predict with total confidence - the momentum-gaining groundswell in the adoption of data science and predictive technologies.


A digital reality for oil and gas

Good data analysis can have a direct impact on operational efficiencies and the potential reduction in operating costs as well as improved production and hydrocarbon recovery.

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Making waves with data

It is incredible how our world is changing. Game-changing innovation is already impacting every aspect of our lives. For me, that means helping our clients maximise the value of their data. My aim is to save them money and time, and realise their digital potential.

North Sea

Data Repository deals with number of needs

The launch of the UK’s inaugural National Data Repository (NDR) for petroleum-related information saw the unveiling of a key piece of the UK’s digital infrastructure, complementing the existing National Geological Repository for core and samples.

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The unexploited data potential for oil and gas

It’s difficult to ignore the emails, 
conferences and discussion around digital. There is huge focus on what digital technologies can do for our businesses, moving beyond some of the existing digitalisation of our working practices. It’s been helped hugely by the pervasive nature of technology in our lives, Alexa, Siri, couriers arriving at the door and passing you a handheld computer to sign. These technologies help our industry realise that much of this technology is very mature and, in a lot of areas, largely unexploited in the oil and gas industry.

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Data takes Aberdeen-based SMS to new markets

As a region, the north east of Scotland is known globally for its innovative company base and as an exporter of a wealth of skill and expertise built up in the offshore energy industry.


Data bringing buzz of innovation to north-east

I am not the first of the team here at Return To Scene to write about the palpable buzz of innovation here in the north east of 
Scotland. As a team we are pretty 
evangelistic about digitalisation and the role our wee corner of the world is playing in the digital transformation of industry globally.

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Scottish Enterprise driving culture of data innovation

What springs to mind when you hear the word Data? If you are a child of the 80’s like me, your first thought a couple of years ago may well have been the quirky little tech kid from one of the decades favourite movies, Goonies. A couple of years ago maybe, but there are few today that will not be aware of the intrinsic role that data plays in the digital economy agenda and the reshaping of the industries for which it represents the greatest value.


‘Netflix for Oil’ setting stage for $1trillion data battle

The service companies that map underground pockets of oil, drill the wells and lift crude from miles below are generating vast new amounts of data they never before realized could be valuable. But their exploration customers are essentially saying hands off to anything coming out of their wells, including the streams of zeros and 1s.