Keep an eye on your metering with EyeMet

At Swinton Technology, we specialise in flow measurement within the oil and gas industry, through the supply of flow computing systems and metering software solutions. As part of our portfolio, we provide intelligent solutions for the industry with the aim of reducing the need for human intervention and constant system and equipment monitoring. Our solutions help to prevent costs associated with downtime and allows fiscally critical decisions to be made with ease, i.e. those that reduce metering uncertainty are prioritised before less significant actions.


Collaboration for the green business era

In 2020, we collectively experienced rapid and significant changes to both our personal and work lives. The energy industry has been affected as much as any and the drop in oil price is always felt across north-east Scotland.


2021: A new horizon

In its 35th year in business, CAN knows a thing or two about resilience, having pioneered rope access offshore in the mid-80s as a revolutionary alternative and more cost-effective means to the convention of scaffold access.


Creating a renewable energy supply chain

The future growth scenario for renewables is very clear. Renewable energy generation is entering a period of rapid expansion as overall energy use rises, as does our need to increase low-carbon energy sources.


Opportunity for us all to drive the transition

Wow, what a 12 months that was. The last article I wrote for Energy Voice was in June and looking back now, it shows how little was understood about the impact Covid-19 would have on our lives. I suggested in that article that we were emerging from the crisis then. How wrong could I be?


Life saving rules in the spotlight to improve safety

Last year forced everyone to focus on personal safety in a way we could never have expected. The three-word message of hands, face, space has led to us washing our hands regularly, wearing face coverings and observing social distancing wherever possible.


Looking ahead to a healthier 2021

It’s hard to think that this time last year, at the very start of 2020, we had little idea what was to come and could never have imagined how much our lives would be turned upside down.


Reasons to be optimistic about the next stage in the energy transition in Scotland

The recent publication of the timetable for the Scotwind leasing round that will start the next stage in the development of offshore wind in Scotland, shortly followed by the UK Prime Minister’s 10 Point Plan, has focused minds on what a green recovery really means for the communities and businesses north of the border.


2021 could be year for hope

With the confirmation of President-Elect Biden now certain, three credible vaccines against the coronavirus pandemic entering final stages of approval, and governments around the world seeking to spur a green economic recovery, we bring 2020 to a close with a great deal more certainty and hope for 2021 than we might have thought possible only a few months, if not weeks, ago.


Managing decommissioning risk in M&A transactions

With $14 billion of commitments before 2024, according to Rystad, decommissioning costs have long been a risk to and blocker in transactions, especially portfolio and corporate deals. The sector has moved a long way since early stage bilateral decommissioning agreements as sellers sought to navigate Section 29 of the Energy Act 2008 and other commercial risks in pursuit of the “clean break”.


Achilles: Cutting costs for oil and gas suppliers

Without a doubt, it’s been a hard year for the oil and gas industry. We have seen the first ever negative oil price, when on April 20, WTI plummeted to -$37 per barrel. At one point, the North Sea’s workforce fell by 40%, with more than 4,000 crew stood down due to the impact of Covid-19.