Peter Strachan


Osborne’s shale push makes no sense with oil price so low

In a performance that most magicians could only dream of aspiring towards, Chancellor George Osborne delivered an alleged austerity autumn statement that both mesmerised and left red-faced the Chairman Mao little red book-waving Labour opposition.


Opinion: Is offshore wind in the doldrums?

Earlier in the week Amber Rudd gave a parliamentary speech on the controversial curtailment of onshore wind subsidies, but at the same time gave some positive signals on future prospects for UK offshore wind.


Opinion: Where next for UK and Scottish onshore wind power?

The announcement by Energy Secretary Amber Rudd to close the renewables obligation (RO) for onshore wind-power generation has undermined a central plank of UK energy policy. One of the key successes of the Labour and the late coalition government was to deploy large quantities of cheap and secure onshore wind-power generating capacity across the entire British isles.