Les Linklater


Les Linklater: Four by four

It’s hard to believe that four years ago, I stepped into the role here at Step Change in Safety. Like my New Year’s resolutions, my hopes and the reality didn’t always align. Since day one, there have been many successes and Step Change’s strategic priorities have evolved. But, sadly, there have been tragic and stark reminders of just how much is still to be done.


Opinion: Get off the log

If 14 frogs sat on a log and three decided to jump into the water, how many would be left? I know what you’re thinking – 11. It’s simple arithmetic, right? Wrong. Read the question again. They decide to jump in; but the question doesn’t say they actually jump. So there are still 14 on the log. After all, there’s a big difference between our intentions and our actions.


Opinion: Les Linklater – Saving money now may cost us more in the future


Sadly, there has been political talk and expert commentary that safety will suffer as a result of the industry’s current ‘crisis’. And that we shouldn't be under any illusions that we don’t need to make some difficult decisions. So where does safety sit in the unholy trinity of safety, cost and production? Firstly, we need to look at what we say and what we do.


Opinion: Obesity ruling will have little or no impact on North Sea operations


It goes without saying that if you work offshore, you work in a physically demanding and hazardous environment. So when the European Court of Justice rules that obesity can constitute a disability, then of course safety must come into the discussion. Before we get into things, we must remember that the EU’s judgement states that obesity is only classed as a disability in certain circumstances, not in every circumstance. It’s only a disability if the person has a long-term impairment that has been induced by their weight.


Opinion: Les Linklater – The party isn’t over


We’ve all been to one of those parties. It starts quietly with a handful of people and before too long, everything just seems to take off. Everyone who is anyone is there. Drinks are flowing, connections are made, news is exchanged. It’s busy and bustling. New friends seem like old friends and you can’t imagine life – and the next party – without them. Could this be the greatest party ever?