China oil giants cash in with pipeline deals worth $56bn

China’s biggest oil and gas companies finalized deals worth $56 billion to sell their pipeline networks to a new national carrier at premiums to their book value, a long-awaited step that’s being seen as a boost for investors.


Taking a bird’s eye view: how aviation is kick-starting innovation in oil and gas pipelines

The 3.6 million miles of pipelines that support the flow of oil and gas throughout upstream, midstream and downstream operations are among the most vital systems underpinning the entire industry. Yet surprisingly, the components of these pipelines are an area where engineering innovation has remained largely unchanged for decades. And while a three-year downturn has rightly triggered a cautious and conservative approach, the nascent recovery is sharpening the focus on the small details that could cumulatively make a big impact on efficiency, productivity and the bottom line.


Rampant pipeline theft fails to deter Mexico onshore oil bidders

Mexico is preparing to auction the rights to produce oil from onshore fields in five of the nation’s states. These are the same states that average five incidents of pipeline theft a day where illegal taps are used to steal oil and gasoline in transit -- almost double the pace from just two years ago.

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New test site aims to cut pipeline failures

A unique test facility that can help identify and prevent potentially catastrophic pipeline failures around the world has opened for business. The $1.5 million Technology Development Centre in Houston was created by the PRCI (Pipeline Research Council International). It will helps enable operators and pipeline companies to carry out real world testing of onshore and offshore pipelines in one place and then assess how equipment will perform in extreme conditions.