North Sea

Look again at North Sea oil tax, urges SNP

The SNP will this week call on the UK Government to consider how the tax regime could be changed to increase competitiveness in the oil and gas industry.


Opinion: Critical to tackle the collapse in investment

Oil and gas companies have made significant in-roads into reducing the cost of production, but this is in the context of some of the highest operating costs in the world. With the oil price falling from the highs of above $100 a barrel in the summer of 2014, those cuts alone cannot go far enough and real fiscal stimulus is needed to drive renewed investment.


Opinion: There is still plenty to play for

As an industry we are going through a tough time – and all indications are pointing towards it staying that way. With the value of our product having plummeted to just over $30 a barrel and respected commentators suggesting it’s going to be lower for longer than we might hope, the fear is that it may get worse before it gets better as globally some $400 billion has been cut from E&P budgets.