Opinion: Every CEO must have resolutions for 2016 – how to make more from less

Resilience was the word of 2015 amongst the oil and gas sector. It’s been hard to stay positive, stay focused and to consider growing the business when it’s felt for many like a daily battle of challenges and stresses. So how as leaders do we work to continue to grow our businesses when everything around us seems so problematic.


Opinion: Are you in this to be liked?

Are you in this to be liked? Have you asked yourself how well you managed the cost reduction exercises in your business this year? This recession has cut deeper and lasted longer than most of us ever expected, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait for it to be over to be liked. Most leaders in this market have been through recession and subsequent headcount reductions several times. Many will admit that managing redundancies is the toughest thing that they have had to do in their careers.