Unexpected benefits: will Covid-19 lead to a more diverse workforce?

Could a more diverse workforce be one of the benefits to emerge from the global pandemic? Janette Marx, CEO of global workforce solutions provider, Airswift makes the case that lockdown has broken down the lingering psychological hurdles while technology has allowed difference to be encouraged and enabled.


Tendeka: Leading through uncertainty

Over the last six months, the global pandemic brought very new challenges for both our home and work life along with whole new lexicon and unprecedented willingness to listen to our political leaders.


We must lead. We must act.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a vast impact on people’s lives, as well as on companies around the world.


2020: A challenging launchpad for a bright future

Identification of principle risks has been an important part of board discussions for many years, but I am not sure that "global pandemic" would have been at the top of many companies’ risk registers.


CMS: Leading in a crisis

There are as many opinions of good leadership as there are management books and business schools.  For me, the important priorities are being honest, transparent and authentic, having a clear vision of your goal, a clear strategy to reach that goal, and the empathy, energy, commitment and confidence to inspire your team to work collaboratively towards it. It is also important to innovate, to do things differently, to find new ways, to be agile and to be supportive. Communication of all of this is key.


Sustainability and Covid-19

People questioning the oil and gas industry’s sustainability is not a new phenomenon. Far from it. For years oil companies, governments, investors and other stakeholders have questioned the sustainability of the industry and the need to address environmental, social and governance issues (ESG).

North Sea

Roadmap 2035 on course despite industry challenges

Over eight actions identified by the UK’s offshore oil and gas industry as essential if it is to realise a successful future in a lower carbon future have already been delivered, with a further 20 underway, despite the pressures heaped on the sector by the coronavirus pandemic.