Brent decommissioning


Green groups urge Shell to remove Brent platform legs


Green lobbyists and politicians yesterday accused Shell of shirking its environmental responsibilities with its plans to leave the gigantic legs of its Brent field platforms in the North Sea. Mark Ruskell, Scottish Greens MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, said the Brent field had generated millions for Shell and its shareholders and should be left in the same condition in which it was found. On Monday, Shell said it would recommend leaving the 300,000 tonne legs from three of the field’s four platforms in place, along with storage cells, the lower section of the Alpha platform’s jacket, drill cuttings and heavier pipelines entrenched in the seabed.


Updated: Shell plans to leave Brent platform legs in North Sea


Shell (LON: RDSB) plans to leave platform legs, storage cells and entrenched pipelines in the North Sea at the end of its multi-billion pound Brent decommissioning campaign, the oil major said yesterday. Duncan Manning, Shell’s business opportunity manager on Brent Decommissioning, said the removal of certain items of subsea infrastructure was potentially dangerous for workers and had little merit for the environment. On the back of years of research and consultation, the firm is preparing to submit its recommendations to the Department of Energy Change (DECC) by the end of the year.