Brent decommissioning


EV Burning Question: Brent decommissioning

Every week, Energy Voice asks readers to give their views on some the hot topics affecting the oil sector. This time, we want to know how you feel about Shell’s Brent field decommissioning plans. The latest questionnaire will be kept open until Friday, May 12, to allow as much participation as possible.


Video: Pioneering Spirit completes Brent Delta topside lift for Shell

Allseas’s Pioneering Spirit vessel has removed the topside section of Shell’s Brent Delta platform in the North Sea. Swiss contractor Allseas said it had broken the world lifting record in the process. Pioneering Spirit removed the 24,000-tonne topside structure in a single lift. It is now transporting the structure to a decommissioning yard in Teesside, north-east England. 


Paul Goodfellow: Shell’s iconic Brent field, 40 years on

Forty years ago today, production began at the Brent oil and gas field in the North Sea. Coming just two years after the first major oil shock, when an embargo led to dwindling supplies and spiralling prices in the West, Brent helped quell government and consumer anxiety over energy security for the UK.