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Opito Dubai post


A former director of the Scottish Qualifications Authority, John McDonald, pictured, has joined Opito as director of international workforce development based in Dubai.

Oil & Gas

Minister hails ‘crucial’ industry


UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey hailed the spirit of the North Sea oil and gas industry's "pioneers" last night - and praised the sector's recent "renaissance".


Exploiting Scotland’s unique advantages will lead to growth

Some say Scotland must make a choice for our future: pursue economic growth, or protect the environment. My response is simple - there is no contradiction in pursuing both. The only credible long-term economic strategy is to exploit Scotland's unique advantages - engineering excellence, research base, energy expertise and natural resources - to grow the economy, while reducing emissions long-term.

Oil & Gas

Cayeux wins research prize

Eric Cayeux has been awarded the Statoil research prize 2012 for his work in automated drilling, which include scientific breakthroughs that will be of great importance to the offshore industry, according to the Norwegian oil company.

Oil & Gas

Osborne tax breaks to fuel new oil boom


THE UK Government is working to win back the trust of the North Sea offshore industry and, in the process, pave the way for tens of billions of pounds of new investment.