Tony Mackay


Carbon footprints: Surprising results in Scotland


Jan Minx and nine other academics have calculated the average carbon footprints of people living in every local authority area in the UK, including the 32 in Scotland. There is no space here to discuss the methodology but it seems to be very thorough and academically accepted.

Oil & Gas

Dreaming of future oil revenues


There have been a surprising number of reports in recent weeks on future government revenues from UK oil and gas production. The authors include the UK Treasury and Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), the Scottish Government, Oil & Gas UK and academics from Glasgow University.

Oil & Gas

The latest dash for gas


The last few weeks have seen an avalanche of energy policy announcements from both the UK and Scottish Governments. Some have been contradictory, notably from the Coalition in which Liberal Democrat and Conservative energy ministers seem to have very different views.


Energy in the South Pacific


I have spent most of the last four months working in the South Pacific - in Fiji, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and a few other countries. Someone asked me if I would like to undertake a study on improving energy security in the region and after a few seconds hesitation I agreed. It has been a very enjoyable change from working in Scotland.

Oil & Gas

The fall and rise of our oil fabrication industry


We probably all have hobbies or special interests. My elder daughter often berates me for the amount of time in my life I have spent watching football, either live or on television. Sadly, that must add up to years' despite my being an Inverness Caley Thistle and Scotland supporter.


Decom mirage giving way to hard reality


I have read many reports on the UKCS decommissioning market over the last decade, as many other people in the industry must also have done. All have proved to be wildly inaccurate in relation to both the size and timing of the market, which has been very much smaller than predicted.