Oil & Gas

OPEC sees demand for its crude oil falling for rest of decade

OPEC said demand for its crude will slide to 2020, though less steeply than previously expected, as rival supplies continue to grow. The organization will need to pump 30.7 million barrels a day by the end of the decade, OPEC said Wednesday in its annual World Oil Outlook. That’s 1.7 million barrels more than projected a year ago, and 1 million less than the group pumped in November. The forecast underlines the struggle faced by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries as it seeks to defend market share against a surge in output from rivals such as the U.S. and Russia. While OPEC is slowly taming the expansion of competitors, the collapse in oil prices means the financial costs of its strategy are immense. Brent crude futures touched an 11-year low of $36.04 a barrel on Dec. 21.

Other News

EU emissions down 23%, passing targets for 2020

The European Union says its emissions fell 4% last year, meaning the 28-nation bloc has already surpassed its target for 2020. A report by the EU’s environment agency said 2014 emissions were 23% lower than in 1990. The EU is the world’s third largest greenhouse gas polluter.