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Opinion: Kemp – Mergers and asset transactions on the rise in oil and gas sector


Over the last year or so there has been increased activity in mergers and asset transactions in the oil and gas sector. This certainly includes the UK Continental Shelf. With respect to asset transactions, in the immediate aftermath of the oil price collapse, there was little activity. Both potential sellers and buyers had to assess the effects of the price fall on the value of assets. Cost reductions and valuation of their effects were a priority. Also, there was great uncertainty regarding future price behaviour which made agreement valuations more difficult.


Alex Kemp: Iran sanctions lifting, oil price falling


The price has been coming down for several months because production from Saudi Arabia is strong, from Iraq it’s strong, from Russia it’s quite strong. From the US there’s been a little bit of a fall but not very much. Market makers have been anticipating Iran sanctions to be lifted, but did not know when until quite recently.

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Kemp: More job losses inevitable in 2016


Job losses could continue throughout much of the year, as more projects are postponed amid the continued low oil price, according to a leading petroleum economist. Professor Alex Kemp of the University of Aberdeen, said the current oil price combined with strong supplies in Saudi Arabia and Russia, was likely to create more pressures on the North Sea.