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The answer is blowing in the wind

It is with some satisfaction that, over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching the installation of the 11 large turbines that comprise the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre, which is owned 100% by the Swedish energy utility Vattenfall.

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Wind farm workers rescued

Three power workers have been airlifted to safety after becoming trapped in sub-zero temperatures 2,000 feet above Loch Ness.

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Wind farm plans to ‘push up bills’

Plans to end subsidies for new onshore wind farms will push up energy bills and could face judicial review, the Government has been warned. Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has unveiled proposals to close the existing subsidies payment schemes a year early for new onshore wind projects, to fulfil a Conservation election manifesto promise. The Tories claim the onshore turbines “often fail to win public support and are unable by themselves to provide the firm capacity that a stable energy system requires”.

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Wind farms’ £8.8million community benefit

nd farms contribute almost £9 million a year to community projects across Scotland, new figures have shown. The amount of community benefit cash paid to local good causes from on-shore wind farms has now reached just over £8.8 million a year, according to Local Energy Scotland. Grants paid out under the scheme have helped with a wide range of projects, including sending members of a West Lothian dance school to the European Street Dance Championships in Germany. Payments also allowed a new community hall to be build in Daviot, Aberdeenshire, and to a thermal imaging camera so residents in the Sutherland area of the Highlands can see where extra insulation is needed.