Opinion: Expecting the unexpected in 2017

If ever there was a year which the phrase ‘expect the unexpected’ seemed relevant – 2016 is it. From the referendum decision to leave the European Union, and the resulting new leadership in the UK Government, to the election of Donald Trump, it’s been a year of unpredicted events.


OTC 2016: Scots ‘back deck’ firm chooses Houston

Subsea “back deck” solutions company Maritime Developments (MDL) has established a subsidiary in Houston following growing success winning business with companies working both the US domestic and wider international upstream markets. This is seen as a springboard both into US and global offshore opportunities perhaps more easily accessed and bid from the world’s oil & gas capital than Europe.


Opinion: Critical to tackle the collapse in investment

Oil and gas companies have made significant in-roads into reducing the cost of production, but this is in the context of some of the highest operating costs in the world. With the oil price falling from the highs of above $100 a barrel in the summer of 2014, those cuts alone cannot go far enough and real fiscal stimulus is needed to drive renewed investment.


Opinion:UKCS doesn’t need hand-outs, it needs a tough-minded business approach

Several years ago I spent time in Australia. Visiting a North Queensland mining community I fell into conversation with an engineer who said something to the effect that one of the biggest problems for the industry Australia-wide was the inability to fight ballooning costs and wage inflation. His further comment was even harder hitting. There were just too many people on the payroll, and too many people very well paid to perform slight-to-unimportant tasks.