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Know your tax liability

Norway and Denmark continued to be attractive work locations for UK companies in 2019. Many of those companies are specialists in the traditional sectors of oil and gas but there has been an upsurge in other sectors such as renewables, aquaculture and agriculture.


Act now – while there are no leaves on trees

We’ve all done it – sat in conferences, listening to inspiring keynotes, making notes about things you know will change how you work, how happy and motivated your workforce will be, how much money you’ll make.

Oil & Gas

Good investment and finance advice delivers an ACE result

At AAB we are experienced in advising management teams, corporate clients and private shareholders on how to raise appropriate funding aligned to their business needs, whether it be for organic or acquisitive growth, working capital purposes, or an equity investment to unlock the value held by existing shareholders.


Procurement and audit…the missing link? asks AAB

When you’re spending a lot of money, let’s say, a new kitchen, how much time do you spend agreeing the specification and the price?  A lot, and you probably spend a lot of time making sure that the work has been done properly and that you have been charged the right amount.  You care…it’s your money!


Brexit: Is your business ready for change?

Nobody can claim to be an expert on Brexit, after all nobody knows exactly what will happen and when it will happen.  In the business world this leaves companies with two options: