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Swinney warns Chancellor against ‘unnecessarily stringent’ fiscal targets

Scotland’s Deputy First Minister has warned the Chancellor against continuing to pursue “unnecessarily stringent fiscal targets” ahead of the Budget on Wednesday. John Swinney urged George Osborne to instead use limited borrowing to stimulate economic growth, after the Chancellor paved the way for fresh spending cuts, stating that savings equivalent to 50p in every £100 the Government spends need to be found by 2020.

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World must ‘choke off’ Islamic State oil cash

The international community must take concerted action to “choke off” funding to Islamic State (IS), Britain has warned. Chancellor George Osborne and Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said it was essential that jihadists - who have seized control of vast oilfields in Syria and Iraq - were isolated from the international financial system. Writing in The Daily Telegraph ahead of a meeting of United Nations Security Council finance ministers in New York to discuss action against IS, they said weaknesses in IS’ funding network must be exploited.