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US Senator calls for climate change probe against ExxonMobil

A US Senator has called on the Department of Justice to investigate an alleged fraud by ExxonMobil over what it knew and told the public and shareholders about the cause of climate change. Senator Bernie Sanders has written to Attorney General Loretta Lynch to ask for a probe into what he alleges as a “potential instance of corporate fraud” by the oil giant. In his letter the politician refers to reports from an investigation by Inside Climate News, which says that scientists from the company conducted extensive research on climate change as early as the 1970s.

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White House to urge climate change action from Canada

The White House said the new Canadian Government could do more to address climate change ahead of international negotiations on the issue in Paris. The issue is a top priority for President Barack Obama in his last 15 months in office. A white House spokesman hinted climate change would form part of a phone call from Obama to the newly elected Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau.

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Oil bosses back climate change target

The chief executives of 10 of the world’s largest oil and gas companies have declared their support for an effective climate change agreement to be reached. The United Nations (UN) Conference of Parties to the UN Frameworks on Climate Change (COP21) will take place in Paris in December. The bosses of the companies which make up the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) confirmed they recognised the general ambition to limit global average temperature rise to two degrees and that the existing trend of the world’s net global greenhouse gas (GHG) is not consistent with this ambition.

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Oil bosses to meet in Paris ahead of climate talks

The leaders of eight of the world’s top oil companies are set to meet in Paris next week to show how they will combat climate change. The move is part of an offensive ahead of a UN summit which will be held in December. The meeting will be followed by a press conference where the company bosses are also expected to renew a call for a global carbon pricing mechanism. Total chief executive Patrick Pouyanne said company leaders would present proposals to combat global warming ahead of the talks.

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California lawmakers just gutted Brown’s climate bills. So what?

Jerry Brown’s dreams of cutting California’s gasoline use in half and imposing a stricter limit on greenhouse-gas emissions may have died on the legislative floor last week. But they live on elsewhere. There are plenty of ways for the four-term governor to achieve his goals with an end-run around the legislature. For one, Brown has state agencies under his control already entrusted with his climate change mission. And he suggested last week that he’s ready to use them to achieve his targets. The California Air Resources Board that runs the state’s carbon market and other programs aimed at curbing pollution“has all the power that it has had, and it will continue to exercise that power, certainly as long as I’m governor,” Brown said during a press conference with reporters Sept. 9.

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Islamic leaders launch climate change declaration

Islamic leaders from countries around the world have launched a declaration urging governments to deliver strong international action to tackle climate change. The climate change declaration calls on wealthy and oil producing countries to phase out fossil fuels by 2050, and urges a switch to 100% renewable energy and help for vulnerable communities already suffering from rising global temperatures. The declaration, launched at an International Islamic Climate Change Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey, presents the moral case based on Islamic teaching for action on climate change and aims to engage the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims on the issue. It calls on countries to take steps to keep temperature rises to no more than 2C, or preferably 1.5C, keeping two-thirds of the world’s proven fossil fuels in the ground, and for a strong new deal on tackling climate change at UN talks in Paris in December.

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Hillary Clinton vows to defend, extend Obama climate policy

Hillary Clinton said she would both defend and go beyond the efforts by President Barack Obama to address climate change in the first detailed description of her potential environmental polices if elected president. Clinton released what her campaign said was the opening salvo of the Democrat’s energy and climate change agenda Sunday, while she was campaigning in Iowa. Among other things, Clinton pledged to defend from legal or political attack the Obama administration’s rule to cut carbon pollution from the nation’s fleet of power plants. A Clinton administration would go further, rewarding communities that speed rooftop solar panel installation, backing a contest for states to go beyond the minimums called for in the environmental rules, and boosting solar and wind production on federal lands. A four-page campaign fact sheet said the goal was to increase the share of U.S. power generation from renewable sources to 33 percent by 2027, compared to 25 percent under Obama’s carbon plan. The announcement “makes it more clear than ever that she cares deeply about climate change and will make it a top priority throughout her campaign,” Tiernan Sittenfeld, senior vice president of the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, said in a statement.

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Amber Rudd: Climate action about economic security

Taking action on climate change is the “ultimate insurance policy” to protect UK families and businesses, Amber Rudd will say. In her first major speech on tackling global warming, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary will say measures to curb rising temperatures are about ensuring economic security. She will tell business leaders at an event in the City of London that unchecked climate change would have a profound economic impact, leading to lower growth, higher prices and a lower quality of life. And, after a series of announcements of cuts to green policies, she will insist that the Conservatives are committed to taking action on climate change, in ways that will keep bills down and encourage businesses to innovate, grow and create jobs.

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Dutch court orders cut in emissions

A Dutch court ordered the government to cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 25% by 2020. Activists hope that the groundbreaking ruling will now set a worldwide precedent. The Hague District Court made the ruling in a case brought by a sustainability organisation on behalf of some 900 citizens, claiming that the government has a duty of care to protect its people against looming dangers - including the effects of climate change on this low-lying country.

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How the European oil industry decided to save the climate

It came together in Oslo. The chiefs of some of Europe’s biggest energy companies decided to pull an historic about-face. It was time to heed the protesters marching in the February snow outside their industry conference demanding action to counter global warming. By the time the convention chat turned into action, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, BP Plc, Total SA, Eni SpA, Statoil ASA and BG Plc, published an unprecedented open letter on climate change. Breaking with their biggest U.S. competitors, they announced their support for efforts to put a cost on polluting, acknowledging they were on the wrong side of history.

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Pope demands climate change action

The pope has issued a stark warning over the urgent need to tackle “extraordinary climate change and an unprecedented destruction of ecosystems“ in an eagerly-awaited message on the environment. In the first papal encyclical Pope Francis has written, he said climate change was mostly down to human activity and policies were urgently needed to cut carbon emissions, such as by reducing fossil fuels and developing renewables.

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Pope to call for renewables development

An eagerly-awaited message from the Pope being formally published today is expected to warn of the urgent need to tackle “unprecedented” climate change and destruction of nature. The papal encyclical, a letter sent to 5,000 Catholic bishops worldwide, is being published in five languages, and Pope Francis has said the document is “addressed to everyone”, not just the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics. A leaked draft of the encyclical, which appeared on the website of Italian news magazine L’Espresso in Italian earlier this week, indicates the pontiff will use it to spell out the moral and scientific case for protecting the environment.

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Thousands to lobby MPs on climate change

Thousands of people from snowboarders and surfers to bee keepers and nuns are set to converge on Parliament to urge their MPs to back strong action on climate change. The mass lobby is today calling on Parliament to support a global climate change deal which will end carbon pollution from fossil fuels by mid century and invest in warm homes, clean energy and sustainable transport. Politicians are also being urged to end polluting coal power in the UK by 2023, on the way to phasing carbon out of electricity supplies.


Davey says UK expertise can drive climate change action

The UK is to use its "world-leading" climate and adaptation expertise to help countries successfully tackle climate change, Energy Secretary Ed Davey said today. Launching the initiative at a round-table meeting of leading environmental organisations and UK Government officials in London, he said: "The UK is a global leader in tackling climate change and the major threat it poses to our prosperity and security.


Mexican president visits Aberdeen to discuss energy and climate change

The President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto arrived in Aberdeen today during a UK state visit to mark closer ties on energy issues and climate change. President Nieto was greeted in Aberdeen by Alistair Carmichael, the Secretary of State for Scotland, and escorted to the Aberdeen Town House. He was joined by energy minister Matthew Hancock and introduced to senior UK oil and gas representatives, including Shell and BP.