Opinion: What really happens at Davos?

Thomas Leurent, CEO of Akselos, says the future of man and machine, the energy debate and the importance of social purpose were all standout moments for him at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting.


Trudeau warns Hollywood actor to tone down oil and gas criticism

The newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called on Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio to tone down his “inflammatory rhetoric” on climate change. The politician made his remarks after the Oscar-nominee hit out at the “corporate greed” od the oil and gas industry.

Oil & Gas

Davos oil view: Roubini to Kazakhstan agree rout can’t last

One thing that oil producers congregating in Davos agree on is that the oil rout can’t go much further. There’s less consensus about when the recovery will arrive. Officials from Kazakhstan and Nigeria to Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia, speaking at the World Economic Forum, concur that the global glut will begin to dissipate this year as the lowest prices in 12 years force cuts in spending and production.