2020: A year of resolve and resilience through extraordinary upheaval

With the dramatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fluctuating price of oil, 2020 has been a difficult year for us all and particularly our industry. During this time, we experienced a period of dramatic change, leading to a very “different” future.


Five actions to power climate change

As we endure these challenging times, the climate emergency persists, and the planet continues to be threatened. Without a strong and stable economy, the funds to invest in a greener, cleaner future simply won’t be there. Even with the fall in carbon emissions, our modelling shows that the pandemic will only reduce demand through to 2050 by 8%.1

Renewables/Energy Transition

Climate positive policies not enough alone to solve emissions crisis

Political leaders are making strides in climate change this month with election commitments from President-elect Biden in the US, UK Prime Minister Johnson launching a 10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution and the European Union unveiling plans to increase offshore windfarm capacity 25-fold as part of the Green Deal, but more action is required to get in striking distance of the Paris Agreement, according to DNV GL.


Finalists announced for the 2020 EIC Awards

The finalists for the 2020 EIC Awards have been announced, with 39 companies competing for 11 categories at the prestigious energy supply chain awards ceremony, taking place on Thursday 3rd December.


Critical time for the transition as hydrogen investment gathers pace

Hydrogen will play a key role in our transition to clean energy over the coming decades as it takes a priority position in the oil and gas industry’s decarbonisation efforts. In 2020, we have seen slower industry activity and a reduced oil price, but net-zero carbon targets and broad societal support for them remain.