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Sabres rattling over fracking

Cuadrilla and Ineos decided last month that it was time to ramp up the pressure on the UK Government to relax the seismic shocks threshold for their shale gas (and oil) exploration effort onshore.

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Ruling date set for Groningen field decision

A Dutch Court is set to rule later this month regarding production on the Groningen field after output was reduced because it was causing earthquakes. The Council of State in September heard arguments in the case, which is seeking to slow or stop production at Europe's largest gas field.

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Riled Dutch locals to argue Europe’s largest gas field is unsafe

A Dutch court is set to hear arguments that production from Europe’s largest natural gas field should be suspended because earthquakes linked to extraction threaten safety. The Netherlands has progressively cut the amount of gas won from the Groningen field in the north amid protests over the tremors, with the Economy Ministry in June slashing this year’s output cap by 29 percent. The Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State will hear 41 appeals from local political parties, environmental organizations and individuals against an earlier production decision on Thursday, and possibly Friday, before making a final ruling in October or November.

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Production from Dutch field remains capped

The Dutch Economy Minister has insisted production at the Groningen field will not exceed more than 36.4billion cubic metres this year. Henk Kamp wrote to the country's parliament to confirm caps previously agreed on Europe's largest oil field would remain in place. In February the minister cut first half 2015 production to 16.5 bcm, sending gas prices surging in Northwest Europe. The overall annual target for the year is still to be confirmed in July.


Quakes force Dutch lawmakers to cut gas production

Dutch communities rattled by earthquakes are upending Europe’s energy market. Towns in the northern province of Groningen sit atop the continent’s biggest gas field, where the Dutch government says exploration by oil and gas majors Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil has triggered 196 earthquakes since 2013, damaging buildings and making home sales difficult.