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Renewables/Energy Transition

The Net Zero Energy conundrum


Global energy demand has been rising inexorably for well over 30 years – from around 8 billion tonnes of oil equivalent in the early 1990s to nearly 14 billion tonnes of oil equivalent today.  The rate of increase was 2-3% per annum until 2000 but accelerated to nearer 5% per annum since then as large populations in China and India got wealthier.


Oil and gas needs to meet other sectors on digitalisation


There is a burgeoning sense of optimism sweeping the sector and the market feels much stronger than it did 12 months ago. The industry is definitely starting to recover and rebuild itself following three years of weak prices and significant cost pressures.


Opinion: 2017- a new era of transformative technology


Will 2017 be the turnaround year for the upstream oil and gas industry? In terms of the industry learning to embrace innovative technology and the potential for this technology to deliver transformational operational and financial performance benefits – then I say yes!

Oil & Gas

Offshore Achievement Awards 2016: A chance to shine


The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Offshore Achievement Awards will be presented at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre on Thursday March 17. SPE Aberdeen branch director Ian Phillips looks forward to another chance for the oil and gas industry to shine.


Opinion: Resilience is key for the oil and gas industry and its achievements


There is no denying that the UK oil and gas industry is in the throes of a difficult year. The sudden and unexpected drop in oil prices has resulted in very difficult times for all UK continental shelf (UKCS)-related projects, creating uncertainty for North Sea operators, service companies and all those who work in the supply chain.