Health, Safety & Environment

Fatal platform fire caused by leak in gas fuel line

The cause of a platform fire in Mexico earlier this year which killed four workers and left 16 injured was a leak in a rarely used gas fuel line which had corroded, according to a new report. The findings by Mexico’s Agencia de Seguridad, Energia y Ambiente (ASEA) on what happened on board the Pemex Abkatun Permanente platform will not lead to any fines against the company. The gas fuel line had shown what was described as an “unusual” kind of accelerated corrosion due the presence of micro-organisms and sulphuric acid within the gas.

Oil & Gas

Shell delays drilling planned in New Zealand

Shell could delay deepwater drilling planned in New Zealand until next year. According to reports the oil major and its two partners OMV and Mitsui E&P had been planning to drill a test well in the Great South Basin this year. However the company has said it needs more time to evaluate the basin’s complex geology.

Oil & Gas

Shell declares force majeure in Nigeria after pipeline leak

Oil major Shell has declared a force majeure and halted crude exports from a key terminal in Nigeria after a pipeline leak. The company said the move was taken after a leak in the Trans Forcados pipeline which affected crude exports from one of the country’s main export points. The terminal has the capacity to export up to 400,000 barrels a day.

Oil & Gas

Pipeline shutdown after leak

Canadian operator Enbridge shut down one of its pipelines after a leak at the Regina Terminal in Saskatchewan. A release from the line within the on-site pumping station had been reported. A spokesman said there was no impact to the public, wildlife or waterways following the incident.