Ashleigh Barbour

Reporter at the Press and Journal
Oil & Gas

Suspected drugs found on North Sea platform

Jake Molloy, regional organiser for the RMT union, today reacted after it was confirmed a major police investigation has been launched. The move came after a suspected stash of cocaine was found on a North Sea oil platform. Jake said he was “disgusted” by the discovery – and criticised the “selfish” person who took the drugs onboard. “This is disturbing news, especially if it’s proved to be cocaine,” he said. “I’ve never come across anything like this before. It’s unacceptable in society on the street, far less a major hazardous industry. “This has put a stain on the character of every member of staff out there as everyone has needed to be tested. “It’s just a pity that all the good guys, all the rest of the crew, have had to be tarred with the same brush. “At the same time I hope they will accept that they have to find this individual who felt it appropriate to put all of their lives at risk and get rid of them. “This person has been stupid and selfish. It is complete and utter madness.”